Our Reading List

Students should seek advice from their tutors on the books or parts thereof, which they should read. The latest edition should always be used. Students should read regularly the institute’s monthly Journal, Management Accounting, as well as obtainable the published accounts of non-holding companies.


1. The library provides a loan service to members, affiliates and students of the institute.

2. Up to two publications maybe borrowed at any one time by personal visit. Students must quote their registration numbers when borrowing books.

3 Books are issued for an initial period of four weeks. This period may be extended once when circumstances permit. The borrower is responsible for returning books to the Library without demand by the end of the loan period.

4. Borrowers bear the cost of returning books to the Library. They are responsible for all books borrowed until the books are received back in the library.

5. Borrowers will be required to pay for the replacement of books not received back in the library.

6. Library services will be withdrawn from borrower who fails to comply with these regulations.