Examinations are conducted twice a year JUNE and DECEMBER. Entries must be made on the prescribed form which may be obtained from the Institute. Request for Entry forms should be accompanied by self-addressed, stamped envelope. Complete Entry form for JUNE Examination must be returned on or before 15th May and for December Examinations, completed Entry forms must be returned on or before 15th November.

Entry forms must be accompanied by an examination Registration fee and the appropriate Entry fee. The Institute may also charge other relevant examination dues, such as, Basis fees, centre fee, absorption fees etc.

Entry will be accepted from all parts of the Federation. Examination Centres are currently located in Federal and State Capitals. The Examination’s board may decide to merge one centre with another for reasons of cost of running the centre. In the examination, candidates must write at the top of each answer paper the appropriate reference number.

Enquiry Form

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